April 22, 2010

Mean Kitty and Shrek 4

I love cats and of course dogs too! My daughter's cat is so not the cat we wanted, no lap cat is she. I believe she thinks she is a Tiger!  We want her to cuddle and hang out with us, but she has other ideas.  If you try to put her in my daughter's bedroom and she doesn't want to go she will chase you and grab your leg LOL!
My daughter wanted to name her Dolce but that didn't work she only answers to Kikki. We started calling her mean kitty after a video on youtube because she looks like Sparta. We think she is his sister. Here is the video 

Then my daughter found this video of Shrek 4 our cat loves food so we thought this was funny!

I haven't been blogging much or painting much either. I am so excited about summer. I want to paint and work on my house and blog more. I had a health scare and I was going to a lot of appointments. I had a ct scan to check my lungs and ended up finding cysts on my thyroid.  I have to go back in June to make sure that the cyst hasn't grown. Well I will blog more about this later.