August 12, 2009

Torn paintings

I just finish this painting yesterday. I had been deliberating if it was finshed. Unfortunately today someone in my family left the door open to the room I was painting in. The cat jumped on the easel knocking my painting down putting a hole in the canvas! I am pretty upset about that right now. I know that the cat didn't know any better. There for I have to forgive her. It is just so difficult to make people understand how much time and yourself you put into a painting. It took several months to paint the layers of different paint. Ocean Peace was painted with acrylics first and then with oils on a linen canvas. Does anyone know how to fix a hole in a canvas? This is the second painting in 2 months that has been ruined. The other painting was a portrait of my daughter. That was on the fire place mantal leaning, my daughter and her husband took it down to show some people on there wedding night. They placed it on the mantal wrong down it fell hitting the corner of the brick putting a hole in it. I will fix it the best I can and give it to her. I have to say I would never have imagined this happening once let alone twice... sigh. Did anyone else have something this horrible happen?? How did you feel about it? I feel like crying and I don't want to become so upset that I can't paint. There are so many worse things that could happen in my life. Well I am going to go outside now and look for the metor showers maybe falling stars instead of paintings would make me feel better unless they fall on me haha.....


  1. Oh my your paintings are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have no idea how to fix canvas:( I do hope you find someone who does. What a shame to loose such a beautiful painting.

    And thank you for the Grandmother Comment! WOO HOO YOu made me day:)

  2. Thank you :) Becky ! I am pretty sure I can't fix them. I will just have to paint more.