November 29, 2009

Crimson Fire Studios

I have finally opened my etsy store. I had signed up with etsy back in 2007 with the shop name CrimsonFireStudios. I have recently begun to post my paintings there. I know that I need to post more than just the five I have posted. I am just a little nervous because I haven't really put my work up for sale before. I planned on using AbstractHeartStudios and will use that store in the future. It is a struggle to work full time and take care of a household . I really want to dedicate my time to painting and other works of art. I also have the issue of not really having a dedicated space to create. I intend to spend more time blogging and putting my paintings and art works online. I hope that everyone is had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! My daughter and her husband came from Houston to visit and it was so much fun to be together as a big family. Our house is a little crazy with a new puppy and a not so happy cat ( hates the puppy) LOL!! People in and out all the time. Here is a picture of one of my latest paintings. I would appreciate any feedback on my store and my paintings. The name of the painting is Mystical Forest. The painting is 24x24 and an abstract painted in acrylics and oil on birch plywood with the edges painted black. You can find this and my other paintings here at my etsy store

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  1. Awesome aunt michelle and thank you for the comment it was very kind of you to do that!!!! Love your shop!!!!(all of them)!!!:)