May 5, 2010

Update on Cityscape Painting

I haven't posted as much lately. It has been busy with school wrapping up. I really am looking forward to summer spending time painting and working on my etsy shop. I plan on making some glass wind chimes and other pieces. I wanted to update you on the progress of my Houston City Scape.  I am still adding more to this painting. Photos also help me to see what I need to do to make the painting better. Please give me so me feed back. I really need to work at learning to take better photos and photoshop.This painting is large and it is hard to get a decent shot. My art room is packed with furniture right now. My son move out this weekend into his own apartment. I had mixed emotions of course happy for him sad for me. We went through a lot during his teens sometimes I didn't think either of us would survive!
My oldest is married and lives in Houston only one more at home and then it will be empty nest .

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  1. My daughter is in residence at the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat for two months right the Yukon. She emails pictures of her work for critique too.

    I like the colours here. The photograph is on a bit of an angle, so it is hard to say, but...
    it looks like there are some dead zones, places where there is no activity. It stands out to me, because the rest of the painting is so alive. You did say you were not finished yet, so maybe you will be addressing that. Maybe you planned it that way. Maybe you don't like my input, but that's okay, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all have different eyes. :)

    I love wind chimes. My husband doesn't. He once woke me in the middle of the night to say< "How can you sleep with all that noise?" I didn't hear a thing. He got up in the middle of the night and walked the neighbourhood until he found it: bamboo wind chimes. Next day, he asked the neighbours to remove then or move them to the other side of their house because the sound kept him awake at night. They did!

    I would love glass wind chimes. Go for it.