July 24, 2010

Making Time For Art

I have this little problem it is called perfectionism. I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem. The little critic seems to be there trying to spoil all the fun. It is hard to just let go at times. I want to just go with the flow and find the joy in creating and experimenting with new projects. Instead I find myself procrastinating making excuses why I can't possibly find the time.  I love art and have done many types in my quest for creativity. I feel grumpy and unsettled when I don't get to do something creative. However I will let housework, TV and running around with my family get in the way of making a full commitment to art. I know the real reason is that I want to make beautiful paintings or stained glass without mistakes. The  other thing is that I would like to be a full time artist selling my art on Etsy. I find that I am busy comparing myself to the other artists and will procrastinate.  How can I learn to play without judging my work? How do you play to bring yourself back to creativity? Do you procratinate rather than be creative? Whats stopping you from your dreams?
Below is a wind chime that I made a while back. Now its time to get creative again!


  1. I do love that wind chime. You are an amazing Artist! I find it is sometimes very hard to focus there is always so much to learn.I love that you are so multi-talented.Find one hour a day to create,it makes you happy 8)

  2. Hi! I came accross your blog via another blog where you commented, so I though I take a look :). I red your post and just wanted to say that you are not alone! I feel also like you very much! but we should relax and paint with our hearts more and not our heads!

    PS. If you want to take a look this is my blog:

  3. Once I get going on a project, creativity carries me along. It's when the "project" part of it gets repetative, boring, never-ending (like a king-sized quilt, or a whole set of something like Christmas Cards) that I want to give up. The short and sweet things are best for me.

  4. Oh yes, the plight of the perfectionist. I used to be like that, until I learned that I never got anything done!